Special Orders

Special Orders!

 We know many past released products are always fan favorites among collectors, therefore do not worry we are here for that! If there are any statues that you specifically wants to buy but does not see it on our website, feel free to message our customer service with the photo of the wanted item(s) and we will look into this product and potentially find one for you through the studio or our partner distributors. If we still cannot find one available, we will put that item on our “wanted list” and the moment we get news on this item, we will contact you immediately!



Special Order Contact info: Harmmy001@gmail.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/zhu.yihan.14

Step 1: Contact us for statues you looking for

Step 2: Confirm the price and condition

Step 3: Arrange the shipping and inspection

Step 4: Receiving tracking number and waiting for the treasure to come.